Sing & Celebrate classes are held in the location of your choice. 
We travel to all 5 boroughs as well as to many spots in Long Island and Westchester.  Classes can be held in a common area of your apartment building, your living room, or any other indoor space. You can opt to meet in the same place every week, or you can rotate, say a week or two in each family’s home.  When choosing your spot, keep in mind that we’ll need a space with as few distractions as possible (clear the toys) and with enough room for children and their adults to sit in a knee to knee circle,  as well as room for dancing. 

Interested in bringing Sing & Celebrate to your child’s school? 
We offer weekly classes as well as programs for school events.
Contact us for more information.
You can choose to meet weekly, every other week, or even once a month, if that best suits your group. Children learn best through routine and repetition.  For maximum benefit, we recommend meeting weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks.  10-15 weeks is ideal.
Class runs 45 minutes.
For rates and availability, please contact us with your location and ideal dates.

Siblings receive 20% discount.
Pick your spot, gather your friends, and we’ll bring music class to you!
To get started, we’ll need a minimum of 6 paying children 
(maximum:  12).  Once you have a group in mind, contact us, 
and we’ll get the details nailed down.
Don’t have a group quite yet, but really want to join a class?
Let us know.  We may know of others in the same boat.
clap ● tap ● stomp ● wiggle ● twirl ● march ● bounce ● giggle ● hop
In each class, we will explore musical concepts such as high/low, 
fast/slow, loud/quiet, and steady beat through lively, hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities.  
For infants and young toddlers, class will include songs and rhymes, lap bounces, finger/toe wiggles, instrument exploration (shakers, baby-safe bells, drums), scarf play, and group dances.  Props such as balls, books, and  puppets add to the fun.   For the twos and threes, we’ll take it up a notch, to allow for increasing independence and ability.  We’ll introduce echo singing, be a bit more specific in our instrument exploration (quiet sounds, fast sounds), and learn how the need to MOVE — run, march, jump, twirl — works hand in hand with musical development.  Plus, we’ll  add rhythm sticks, tambourines and hoops to the mix.  For fours and fives, musical games encourage solo singing and improvisation.  We’ll use instruments to tell musical stories and enjoy ensemble playing.  And, yes, we’ll keep moving!

For mixed age classes, we’ll simply incorporate activities which work well for the entire family. Every class, whether for infants or Kindergarteners,  includes a wide variety of activities ranging from lap bounces to circle dances, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!
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Classes are available for children ages 6 months-5 years (or in the ballpark).  All children under the age of 3 must be accompanied by a participating adult who will act as his/her musical partner throughout the class.  For classes of children 3-5 years, all adults are welcome. One adult/ 5 children is required.  Classes typically work best when all children are within a two year age range.
clap ● tap ● stomp ● wiggle ● twirl ● march ● bounce ● giggle ● hop
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