What to expect
A Sing & Celebrate program is warm, personal, and designed to give every child a chance to jump right in — get their hands on instruments, hug a puppet, dance with Mommy.   We like to think of our programs as music-making experiences for your whole group, rather than performances you watch from the sidelines.  Whether clapping their hands, tapping a drum, or chasing bubbles, little ones (and their adults) are actively involved from beginning to end.

Every program, whether for infants or Kindergarteners, includes songs and rhymes, instrument exploration, scarf play, group dances, puppets, and bubbles. For the infant/toddler set, parents act as their child’s partner, so that even the very youngest can jump into the action, with activities such as  lap bounces, finger/toe wiggles, peek-a-boo, and circle dances. For older children, more advanced songs, musical games, and “big kid” instruments are used.  For mixed ages, we simply choose activities which work well for the whole family.

The programs are gently structured, meaning that the flow of the program is carefully crafted for your specific crowd and event, but there is always room for flexibility and play. 
45 minute and 60 minute (4’s and 5’s only) programs available.
Adult Participation
All children under the age of three years must be accompanied by a participating adult throughout the program.  For children ages three and above, we require one participating adult for every five children.  Of course, it is always more exciting for the children if the entire group participates. We invite and encourage everyone, regardless of age, to join in the fun!
Adult Noise
Oh dear.  We hate to say it, but it’s true.  Nothing puts  a damper on the fun faster than a bunch of grown-ups talking LOUDLY during the program. Of course, we want you to relax and have a great time, but we will not scream over you.  That’s no fun for anyone.  It is essential that Laca be able to use her “inside voice” and still be heard.   A good rule of thumb is to treat the program as you would a story time, just one with lots of instruments, dancing, and giggling.  (If you’re expecting lots of kid-free adults, having a separate spot for them to visit during the program works really well.)
When to start
We recommend scheduling Sing & Celebrate to begin 30 minutes into your party.  
This will allow plenty of time for all of your guests to arrive, but not so much time that the little ones are getting cranky.
People and Places
Sing & Celebrate travels to all 5 boroughs as well as to many spots in Long Island and Westchester.  Events are held in the location of your choice. Whether in your home, school, or other favorite gathering place, we come to you!  When choosing your location, keep in mind that we’ll need a spot with as few distractions (toys, etc.) as possible and with enough room for everyone to sit in a knee to knee circle, as well as some room for dancing.

Sing & Celebrate programs are best suited for ages 6 months-5 years and for groups of 15 or fewer children.
clap ● tap ● stomp ● wiggle ● twirl ● march ● bounce ● giggle ● hop
for birthdays, bashes, and festivities of all sorts
How to book
For rates and availability, please contact us with your event date and location.http://web.me.com/unknown-account/THE_SITE%21%21%21_2011/contact_final.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
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  clap ● tap ● stomp ● wiggle ● twirl ● march ● bounce ● giggle ● hop
When to eat
We LOVE cake, but please save your cake and other tasty treats until after the Sing & Celebrate program.  To preserve our instruments and props, food and drink are not allowed during the program.
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